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Registration for 6th Grade Math Placement Test

March 2018

Dear Parents of 5th grade students:

As we start to look ahead to next year, we would like to offer your child the opportunity to take a test to determine placement on the advanced pathway in mathematics in middle school. If you haven't already done so, you may find it helpful to see this .pdf for information about the math pathways by clicking this link: MATH PATHWAYS INFORMATION

To summarize the progression, in sixth grade students usually are assigned Math 6. Under the Common Core Standards, this is a rigorous course that would have students taking Algebra in the 9th grade, and it is a much more challenging Algebra than what was taught under previous standards. However, we do recognize that some of our students who excel in math and have innate mathematical abilities are capable of skipping sixth grade math and taking a seventh grade/eighth grade math course as a sixth grader (Math 7.5). Students who take this advanced seventh grade/eighth grade course in the sixth grade are on track to take an eighth grade/algebra course (Math 8.5) in the seventh grade and Geometry in the eighth grade. The expectation for these students is that they will continue into advanced math in high school, starting with Advanced Algebra II as a freshman. Obviously, they would be missing an entire year's worth of learning by skipping 6th grade, so it's a decision that should not be taken lightly. Please remember that there is another opportunity for students to get into an accelerated pathway at the end of 6th grade, which would lead to Math 7.5 as a 7th grader, Math 8.5 as an 8th grader, and Geometry as a 9th grader. So if the advanced pathway is not an option for your child, the accelerated option could still work for your child at the end of 6th grade. 

We will offer three opportunities for your child to take the math placement test, and students may take the test at any of the three sites on any of the three dates (only register for one date, please). The first opportunity is on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, at Rolling Hills Middle School’s MP room at 3:00. The second opportunity is on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, at Camerado Springs Middle School’s Library room at 3:00. The third opportunity is on Wednesday, May 9, 2018, at Valley View Charter Montessori's Library room at 3:00. Because this decision is an important one, we want to be sure parents have all necessary information to make the right decision for their child. Therefore, information about the math pathways will be presented at the 6th grade orientation meetings at each site.


We plan to notify parents via email of their child’s placement on the advanced track by the end of the school year.

Dear Brooks' Families

As you may know, Brooks has been working on rolling out a framework to address behavior called PBIS which stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. PBIS helps teach our kids what the expectations for positive behavior looks like across school settings. Students are rewarded for doing the right thing and retaught the expectations as needed. We are in our first year of PBIS and we are making the appropriate adjustments as we go. One adjustment is reteaching the expectations at some of our common areas. Specifically, we are looking at our arrival time at school and at the lunch tables.The expectations for being responsible, respectful, and safe during arrival and at the lunch tables are stated below. Please review these expectations with your child just as we are reviewing them at school. Thanks for your support.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee are offering a Spring time running club. This is open to students of all ages. Starting on Feb. 26 students will run after school on Mondays and Fridays for 30 minutes initially and working up to one hour. The training will culminate with a 5K in April. This is a great opportunity for our kids and I am grateful to the Lee’s for volunteering to make this happen. Forms and information will be available on the Brooks website.

We are still moving with our sister school visit in the fall of 2018. We will have 30 students from China spending a week at Brooks and staying with host families from our school. If you sign up to host students during the stay, we are offering a free license for Rosetta Stone so you and your family can start to learn some Mandarin. Spots are limited and both parents will need to be fingerprinted through the school to participate. I will be sending a sign-up sheet to our families in the coming weeks, but if you have questions or are interested, come and let me know.

Finally, we are launching our Pennies for Patients campaign on Feb. 5 and it will go through Feb. 23. Our student leadership team is partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society to raise money to aid children and families that are going through cancer treatment. Our goal this year is $2018. We will have prizes for the top earning classes. Thank you in advance for your support

PBIS expectations

Walk to classroom when first bell rings. Not run around during drop off. I will  keep my hands and feet to myself.

School Pictures & Yearbook

We have a new Yearbook and School Photography Company!

This year we are going with a new photography company called iClick Smiles. They take the photos outside and you preview all shots online before you purchase. Picture day will be on Oct. 6 this year. We are also using a new yearbook company called Tree Ring. You can order yearbooks now. See the attached flyer for more information.

Parking Lot Etiquette

  • 5 MPH is the speed limit in the parking lot
  • You may not leave your car unattended at the curb
  • Please use the crosswalks
  • Only let your child get out of the car when at the curb
  • No parking in the red zones or reserved spots


  • 9-Chick-Fil-A Dine Out  Night mention WB and PTA will get 20%
  • 10-new Principal, Mr. Lee visits
  • 10-PTA Meeting 7 p.m. Library
  • 20-Breakfast with Dad 8 a.m.
  • 28-William Brooks GALA!


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from the nurse

The health office could use some clothing donations.
They currently need:

  • Sweat pants (boys and girls all sizes)
  • Socks (boys and girls all sizes)
  • Underwear (new for boys and girls all sizes)

  Thank you for your helpJ

love and logic

Avoid battles by offering choices

Research shows that children are more likely to do their homework if they are given many small choices. For example:

  • Would you rather do your homework right after school or wait until 4:00
  • Are you going to do your homework in your room or at the kitchen table?

Are you going to do all your homework now or half now and half after dinner?